Arctic Design Week will be implemented annually in week no. 12 as part of the international World Design Week events. Arctic Design Week serves entrepreneurs, townspeople, tourists, students, and influencers.

Arctic Design Week showcases new design professionals and phenomena, internationally promotes Arctic design in cooperation with different design experts, and offers the townspeople an arena for taking part in the town’s development and development discussions through design. Arctic Design Week wishes to assist in the success of responsible Arctic design, enabling the development and wellbeing of the Arctic region.

Events well-established for serving livelihoods and townspeople include ÄÄRI Arctic Design Expo, Arktista Vimmaa city festival, Arctic Award Night, Arctic Festivals & Fashion Show, KÖÖKKI festival of flavour, Design Dates business arena and Arctic AHA! Business Forum.

The long-term umbrella theme for Arctic Design Week is responsibility which showcases sustainable and responsible design, the most recent business research findings, and the most successful business ideas.

The 15th Arctic Design Week 2023 will be held on 20–27 March 2023 in Rovaniemi.

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What is Arctic Design Week?

  • The world’s northernmost design event in Rovaniemi, organised every year in week no. 12 (third or fourth week in March)
  • Main contents: Arctic AHA! Forums and seminars, Arktista Vimmaa city festival and ÄÄRI Arctic Design Expo
  • Member of the global World Design weeks Network (
  • Main organisers: The City of Rovaniemi/Business Rovaniemi and Lapland University Consortium (University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences)
  • Arctic Design Capital internationally registered by the City of Rovaniemi is the most visible form of the trademark as part of the Arctic Capital theme.

Further information available from:
Taina Torvela, Design Manager Tel. +358 44 438 0361