Top themes


Arctic expertise is particularly evident in creativity, design expertise, and the local hands-on approach.

Rovaniemi has strong foundations for research and education in the Arctic region. The concentration of expertise:

The University of Lapland and its Arctic Centre specialised in Arctic research, and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences provide education and conduct applied research in the Arctic region.

The special area of expertise for the Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education is research and education for the Arctic travel industry.

Rovaniemi has offices of national research institutes, such as the Geological Survey of Finland, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, and Science Centre Pilke of Metsähallitus (Board of Forestry) that also carry out research in Arctic areas.

The City of Rovaniemi has registered its trademark as the Arctic Design Capital®. The heart of the Arctic Design Capital is in the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland.

Arctic design is spectacularly showcased each year for residents and visitors alike with the annual Arctic Design Week event. Arctic Design Week is a member of the international World Design Weeks network.


Cold technology expertise and testing operations have been strengthened in Rovaniemi for decades. Snowy winters, a cold technology laboratory and test tracks make Rovaniemi a significant test centre environment in Europe.


Tourism is an important and growing sector in Lapland, which provides jobs and creates vitality in the municipalities. Lapland’s Arctic tourism ecosystem aims for sustainable, responsible, and year-round tourism.

Arctic tourism relies heavily on intelligent and user-driven solutions, which highlight the need to preserve local culture, sustainable natural values, and the diversity and wellbeing of the northern environment, and to address the needs of customers and local residents. Clean nature, Lapland’s unique cultural heritage and Santa Claus and his stories are the pillars of the attraction of the area.


Rovaniemi wants to act as a forerunner in the Arctic circular economy. Our town is one of Finland’s ten pioneering localities in the circular economy, and our goal is to become a pioneer in the circular economy.

A circular economy road map has been devised for Rovaniemi with a whole host of measures and objectives for developing the circular economy. The circular economy road map specifies the goals of the circular economy for the municipality and concrete measures for attaining these goals.

Municipalities are investing in e.g.

  • resource efficiency in construction
  • advice on waste management
  • reduction of food losses.

At its best, the work creates new business opportunities for the circular economy in the municipality and builds new forms of partnerships with different operators. It also increases the social wellbeing of the local population, for example with the increase in sharing economy opportunities.

Napapiirin Residuum Oy (waste management), Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy (water and electricity utility company) and the City of Rovaniemi promote the local circular economy under the banner of the Arctic Circle Circular Economy Park project.


The competence strengths of Lapland in the field of wellbeing and physical activity are based on the extensive and high-quality education and research activities of the local universities and the Natural Resources Institute Finland. Ecosystem activities that combine businesses, universities, and customers support innovations that promote care and rehabilitation, physical lifestyle, sports, and mental well-being.

The long distances in Lapland pose challenges for the accessibility of wellbeing services. Digitalisation and wellbeing and health technologies combined with nature in the north create a unique potential to develop innovative wellbeing solutions. Located in Ounasvaara, Santasport and its surroundings offer a platform for top-level sports coaching and supporting business and development at an international level. Ounasvaara already has a large number of growth-oriented enterprises serving both local and international customers.