Testing services


According to the will of the City of Rovaniemi, the City will improve the progress of innovations as part of the development of business and vitality. In the critical development and testing phase of innovation, the City offers the opportunity to move towards commercialisation and business activity.

In particular, for new companies or products, customer references play a major role in the attractiveness and reliability of the product or service. In autumn 2022, the City of Rovaniemi published its willingness to act as a reference for the products and services tested, if possible.

In this way, the City wants to highlight the importance of business activity for the vitality and competitiveness of the region and to create a positive climate for business and RDI work.


The testing service is implemented centrally by Business Rovaniemi, the vitality unit of the City. It has piloted a service process that promotes business testing activities.

The testing and development environment can be used to test and develop both services and physical products, or combinations of these.

Principles of the Rovaniemi/Business Rovaniemi testing and development service:

  1. The target group of the service: Rovaniemi growth and development-capable enterprises.
  2. Innovation must have significant commercial potential.
  3. As part of its free business advisory services, Business Rovaniemi clarifies the prerequisites for operating as a testing environment. In this way, it serves both the internal service unit and the local business customer.
  4. The additional costs of the testing activities are borne by the company, i.e. the tester.
  5. The testing environment shall be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, based on the testing plan and testing agreement.

Contact Business Developer Matti Impiƶ, tel. +358 400 789 551 or email: matti.impio@rovaniemi.fi.